The Senior Living Experience:
Part 1, An Introduction

Are you or a loved one thinking about moving to a senior living community in the Central Valley? Are you just starting to research the possibilities or have you already done your legwork? Do you know the level of service you may need now or may need in the near future?

This is the first of a five-part series that delves into the issues and provides some thoughtful answers. Paintbrush Assisted Living and Memory Care is managed by a company called Seniority, Inc., one of the nation’s innovators in creating vibrant senior communities. Much of what we explore in this series has been edited from a White Paper published by Seniority, Inc. called “The Senior Living Experience.”

Seeking More Than Features and Services
While senior living communities in the Fresno area advertise features, such as 24-hour nursing and multiple dining options, residents and their families are seeking the larger goals of peace of mind and the freedom to live as they want to live.

How are these goals realized? Research suggests that residents crave experiences: moments that are memorable, even transformative. This quest for memorable experiences is something everyone wants throughout their entire lives, not just their lives in retirement.

This series builds upon Paintbrush Assisted Living and Memory Care’s experience in defining a new model for senior living. Each senior living community must chart its own unique way. Emphasizing the possibilities, and implications, of a satisfying senior living experience is the way we at Paintbrush have chosen to move forward.

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